Oui, Oui! A fantastic little french bistro serving up the classics without overdoing it. Menu and wine list moderately priced, especially when you can get french wine for under $50 (which means that two bottles are a must). Don’t just leave this little treasure to the locals.


ADDRESS: 346 Liverpool St

PHONE:  (02) 9331 8749

WEBSITE: www.onderestaurant.com

OPENING:  Open every day from 5:30pm

BOOKING REQUIRED: No bookings taken


CUISINE: French Bistro


Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst 




Rave reviews plastered every which way across the internet.



Onde has been calling my name for a while. I drive past it regularly on my way home from work and it always seems to have a buzz to it – even on a Monday night.   Restaurants who don’t accept bookings seem to put me off but knowing I have the safety/backup of bustling Victoria St we went for it.  As you probably guessed from the title of the blog we scored a table (insert fist pump!) and now I understand why it is rated highly on Urbanspoon and Eatability.

 Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst

Cave de Turkheim Pinot Blanc


First up olives to share.  Kalamata olives in a marinated oil.  I would of loved to see them warmed up- goes so much better with the wine!  As an entrée Mr FYF couldn’t go past the crab cakes. Within minutes they were gone and a satisfied grin was plastered all over his face.

Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst

Crab Cakes and Marinated Olives

Personally, for the main,  I couldn’t go past the Duck Confit. It was delicious, the sauce and apples were very sweet, too sweet for Mr FYF, which meant I didn’t have to share (insert second fist pump of the night). The duck was cooked perfectly, falling of the bone. Salivating just thinking of it.

Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst

Duck Confit

The T-bone was a natural choice for Mr FYF. The t-bone was cooked perfectly and served with a butter and red wine sauce. This sauce was amplified when combined with the chips and vice versa.

Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst 

T-Bone Steak


My eyeballs were also kept busy with a snazzy chocolate terrine sitting jauntily on the menu asking to be eaten.  Conserving stomach space by not having an entrée I was keen as mustard to have this number on my plate.  I was thinking maybe layers but was surprised, and a little disappointed, to find it was like a rich chocolate mousse.  However children, if you remember the morals of your youth, you will remember that we never judge a book by its cover.


And oh lordy am I glad I ordered it.  Rich, delicious and the way chocolate should be. Onde Restaurant Darlinghurst

Chocolate Terrine


Before I wrap this up I should mention that 7 of the items on the menu have been there for over 16 years.   Onde has mastered the meals and this is reflected in the raving reviews all over the internet.


Overall it was a fantastic little find and I can say with all certainty that I will be there again. 


A cozy little place with a great vibe.



Staff are energized, and seem to go all night!



The duck (mmm)



A classic French bistro that has stood the test of time (hard to find these days)



No music in the background


We Ate and Drank:

Marinated Olives $6
Crab Cakes with Shaved Cucumber & Mint Salad $17.50
Duck Confit with Caramelized Apple, Mesclun & Walnuts $31
Grilled T Bone w Chips & Red wine butter $31
Chocolate Terrine $10

Cave de Turkheim Pinot Blanc (France) – $45


Onde on Urbanspoon

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