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Lyndey Milan’s Tea Smoked Salmon recipe

In Recipes On August 28, 2013 4 Comments

  Lyndey Milan’s Tea Smoked Salmon (recipe) To celebrate Lyndey Milan’s new DVD- A taste of Ireland, we were invited to taste Ireland on a plate showcased more… Read More »

Fluffy Crunch Waffle recipe

In Recipes On August 25, 2013 11 Comments

  Fluffy Crunchy Waffles (recipe)   And in the morning I’m making waffles!   Imagine a life without ever tasting waffles? This is the kind of stuff that… Read More »

Makers 46 Bourbon

In Reviews On August 22, 2013 2 Comments

  Makers Mark Bourbon FLICKS TAKE ON THE NIGHT:   To celebrate the newest addition to the Makers Mark family (Makers 46), I was invited to a celebratory… Read More »

Chicken Tagine

In Recipes On August 12, 2013 4 Comments

  Chicken Tagine (recipe)   When anyone mentions to me that they are having tagine, I get an immediate sense of food envy. The Moroccan spices and aromas… Read More »

exploding pop rocks

Pop Goes the Brownie

In Recipes On July 15, 2013 11 Comments

  Pop Goes the Brownie (chocolate Brownie Recipe) Initially I was very excited to take part in the first ‘Sweet Swap’ for food bloggers. This then turned into… Read More »