The Abercrombie Hotel

Summary: Deep fry heaven! A pub doing things differently by deep frying everything (well most). Decked out for cool cats. Will be back again to have another deep fried Gaytime.


ADDRESS: 100 Broadway (Parramatta Road)

PHONE:  02 92802178


BOOKING REQUIRED:Will take bookings for larger groups


CUISINE: American





Most people were happy with their deep fried menu although some did mentioned staff attitude.



Anytime I hear the word deep fried….. , (insert random piece of food) I think of The Abercrombie. If you’re asking why – then you haven’t heard the latest trend of deep frying everything. It started with the Deep fried golden Gaytime, then turned into the deep fried Mac and cheese and even deep fried pizza! It has sent the social media into a spin tweeting and intra-gram’n photos!

I was happy when Miss Piggy tweeted if anyone wanted to join her one evening to try this magnificent creation. Many food bloggers were keen to get on board and tick deep fried pizza off their bucket list. So the date was set with 10 bloggers counting down to the #cholesterolparty or the #abercrombie party on twitter.

We started out in the courtyard which was quite large for an inner city pub, but opted to sit inside because of the smokers. I was going to end up needing my arteries cleaned out after this visit and didn’t want to add lung cancer on the list (don’t mean to offend any smokers :)

Inside had plenty of seating- with some funky booth seats. It was decked out to appeal to the young hipster generation; even though I’m not in that group I still thought it was pretty amazing.

We all decided to order everything off the snack menu plus an extra deep fried cheese and Mac. It came out pretty quickly and once all of us finished snapping away it was calorie time!

The Abercrombie Menu

I was keen on trying the Mac and cheese- it was oh so good but so bad for you at the same time. It was balls of macaroni and cheese with a crunchy deep fried batter encasing it. There was a mayo sauce to accompany it- just in case there wasn’t enough fat in the Mac and cheese :) I would recommend this to anyone.


The deep fried pizza came out- it wasn’t as expected. For some reason I thought it would look like normal slices of pizza where you could see the topping. Instead they looked like CC’s. I can’t believe I am actually writing this- it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (I hope I don’t loose followers due to my poor food choices). There was a few slices of pepperoni and a hint of cheese- nothing too overpowering. I was getting the defibs reading to shock my heart back after eating a piece- I actually wonder how much fat and calories would be in each slice.

The Abercrombie Deep Fried Mac and Cheese & Deep Fried Pizza

Next to taste were the hot chips. I was surprised as I expected an overwhelming deep fried taste. Instead they had the least deep fry taste to them. Best of all they were decorated with mini pickles- yum! They would go great with a cold beer


I wasn’t sure which to taste next; the chilli hot dog or the meatballs. After much deliberation I went for the chilli hot Dog (these are the hard questions you need to tackle as a food blogger). Trying to share the hot dog proved to be quite difficult, though in the end we succeeded but with plenty of mess. It was Yum! One of the few things on the menu that wasn’t deep fried- although I’m not sure why it wasn’t? It had a chilli mince meat that had the perfect amount of chilli and spice.

The Abercrombie Chili Dog and Hot Chips

So the meatballs were next. They were quite nice- a little bland for my liking (both the meatball and sauce) or maybe my taste buds had drowned in the extra oil.


Unfortunately by this stage I was feeling a little queasy from the oil overload and didn’t want to miss out on dessert, so I didn’t taste any of the other snacks including cheese quesadilla or the Salt and pepper squid.

The Abercrombie Quesdella and Salt and Pepper Squid


Oh la la the moment I have been waiting for, the reason why The Abercrombie is mentioned throughout the social media for one reason only……..the deep fried gay time. It was crazy good! There was a rich butterscotch sauce drizzled over the top and when you bite inside- the ice-cream was melted. I cannot put in words how fantastic this was. Soon after I was thinking what else could be deep fried- Monaco bar, choc chip cookies, cheeseburgers, chocolate mud cake……..hmmm the list could go on.

The Abercrombie Deep Fried Golden Gaytime

It was a great evening to share with some new found foodies (Miss Piggy, Purplesquint, Corridor Kitchen, Creamy Middles, Haley Fisher, Street Food, Mi Casa-Su Casa and VegeTARAian I was very impressed that a bunch of food bloggers met each other through twitter, decided to get together  and now it seems to be a regular occurrence.


So readers-is there anything you would want to order deep fried?


Decked out for the younger cool hipsters. Great sense of style with random objects, including a bookcase across the room which matches perfectly. Great little courtyard.



I came across 1 wait staff with a slight bit of attitude but everyone else seemed happy to help



Deep fried Golden Gaytime



I actually didn’t mind the deep fried pizza (in small amounts)



Depending on the tables, you may sit quite high up compared to the table or quite low down. Another factor which would only really have a negative impact in the lights were dimmed ++ very early (hence the photos not working as well).

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