Wooden Spoon Bar and Restaurant

What could be better than cocktails and tapas? Not much I don’t think.

I was excited to receive an invitation for a 5 course feast with cocktails at the funky venue Wooden Spoon in Cremorne. It looks like a bar from the front but a secret (well not really) path leads you into an open dining area. I recommend venturing out the back and indulge in their fantastic tapas.


ADDRESS: 362 Military Road, Cremorne

PHONE:  (02) 99045687

OPENING:  Lunch- Thus till Sat. Dinner- Mon to Sat

BOOKING REQUIRED:Recommended, although not essential











With cocktails in hand within minutes of arriving will always be a great start to any night (well

maybe 2 would be even better!). The venue was modern, yet had a cosy ambiance to it. Sitting by

the window you could see the hustle and bustle of Military road whilst relaxing sipping on

cocktails. Sorry guys being here won’t be the same as Bali, but still pretty good seeing you don’t have

to endure the 7 hour flight.

Wooden Spoon InteriorInterior


To start the night off we munched on Polenta chips with blue cheese sauce. The sauce was

amazeballs! Unfortunately I had only had a few sips of my cocktail, not enough to think it was ok to dip my finger in! After this drooling experience we ventured to the dining room hoping the rest of the food was of the same calibre.

Chef at Wooden SpoonChefs Working their magic


The first course of the night was Zucchini flowers stuffed with goat’s cheese. This is always one of my

weaknesses especially if the zucchini flower had a tempura batter which it did!

Polenta Chips and Zucchini FlowersPolenta Chips & Zucchini Flowers


As many of my friends know, I am not that excited about seafood (how can I even call myself a

foodie?) but the scallops were cooked perfectly and went down well the pea mash. And to top

this course off there was a piece of crispy bacon- yum! My wonderful plus one- Cristina has a

bad food intolerance to shellfish but she still decided to take a bite, as she didn’t want to miss out!

Thankfully there was no need to bring out my nursing skills, but I was ready just in case.

Anytime I see peking duck on the menu it always reminds me of my first encounter with this

fabulous meat. It was 3am (just finished work) and a few of us went to golden century (where

else after midnight). I was taken aback by it! I was so upset I missed out most of my life not knowing

about Beijings’ wonderful creation and Chinas’ national dish. Wooden spoon used peking duck

in a dumpling. The dipping sauce was yum, although the dumplings were a little dry.

Scallops and DumplingsScallops and Dumplings


Refill time, this time I went for ‘Stay Cool San Diego.’ I kind of ordered it for its name (love

Anchorman) rather than its ingredients. Even better it tasted great, not up to my favourite- strawberry and cream- but still pretty close.


Stawberry and Cream CockatailStrawberry and Cream Cocktail


Next up, just in case we were not full was pork belly, with candied apple jus. As hoped for it

had a crispy skin, and tender meat. I was feeling pretty full by this stage, even though they were tapa


Pork BellyPork Belly with Candied Apple


To finish was the mini beef mignon cooked medium (I must admit I am a medium rare fan). It

was tender and had a lovely shiraz sauce to jazz it together.

Overall it was a great experience, good food and cocktails and I plan on visiting again soon (the

strawberry and cream cocktail, is calling my name).


Modern with a funky touch décor, just needed some funky music to follow in the dining



Staffed well, no waiting to get more drinks. Everyone seemed very professional.



The strawberry and cream cocktail (if you hadn’t already guessed). The zucchini

flowers were also a huge hit



Mixed cuisine, not focused on one.



– Polenta Chips, blue cheese sauce

– Zucchini Flowers – goat cheese and basil, tomato and beans

– Seared Scallops, green pea and lemon crush, bacon brittle

– Dumpling- Peking Duck and Bamboo with ponzo sauce; Prawn, scallop and chive with roast

  chilli and palm sugar syrup

– Cripsy skin pork belly, celeriac puree, candy apple jus

– Mini beef mignon, wild mushroom salad. Shiraz emulsion sauce



Flick you food was a guest of Wooden Spoon. Thank you to Foggo Gourmet.


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