Christmas at the McLaren’s

Christmas, what a fantastic time of year! Its where places come alive with family, food and celebrations. Our family (including extended) come together every year to celebrate this occasion. Our yearly ritual (similar to others) is present time in the morning followed by a mammoth feast. The thing that makes us a little different is the dessert! We tend to have more dessert options than mains! This is followed by an afternoon nap before indulging in more food!


DATE: 25th Dec 2012 (of course!)

VENUE: Cowra, Country NSW.



I swear it was only 1 month ago we were celebrating Christmas in 2011, however 2012 has flown by and BAM Christmas is here again. In saying this, I do love Christmas. I would put it as my favourite time of the year. Family, presents, more presents and best of all, a few weeks of hard core eating!

 Chrismas Presents

Presents time!


I was in charge of the family feast with help from my partner in crime- Genevieve. Our  celebration reflected Australian Style including prawns, freshly shucked oysters (Thanks Mr FYF) and of course a cooked ham and turkey.

Sebastian McLaren Little Sebastian loving presents


My sister, mum and I had the majority of the food made on Chrissy eve with only a few things needed to be done on Christmas day- the best way. One tradition is mums pavolva. Many shells don’t make the cut, as they are not absolutely perfect.

Table decorations Table Decorations including homemade Bon Bons


Within 10 mins of the feast been over, all of us were indulging in a nap!

Post christmas nap Crashed out (note this is not a set up shot- they were both fast asleep within an hour).



Lime and Macadamia cooked Ham

Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Prosciutto with stuffing balls (fig and pistachio)

Yasna’s Salad

Crunchy parsnips with parmesan and polenta

Roast carrots with Pine nuts

Popcorn Prawns with aioli

Fresh cooked prawns

Large pacific oysters

Waldorf salad with prosciutto

Christmas Lunch Feast The Christmas Feast!!!


Mums Famous pavlova

Chocolate pavlova

Adults Chocolate Mousse

Lemon Cheesecake with salted caramel sauce

Candy cane and marshmallow macarons

Berry ice cream slab

Christmas Dessert Dessert Table


Here is for another Year.

I hope you also had an awesome Chrissy filled with fun, family and food. Thank you to my readers for their comments and love over the past year.


Puppy King Charles Cavilar SpanielA new addition to the McLaren Family- Daisy with my dog Bruce Wayne

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