Muse Restaurant (Hunter Valley)

What sounds better than fabulous food and wine with an open fire place? The only thing missing is Pyjamas! Muse has made a name for itself in the Hunter Valley and my vote is with the masses – it is the best restaurant within the Hunter!


ADDRESS: Hungerford Hill Wineries, 2450 Broke Rd, Pokolbin

PHONE:  (02) 49986777


OPENING:  Lunch 7 days 12-3pm & Dinner Wed- Sat 6- 10pm.

BOOKING REQUIRED: Yes, usually in advance to secure a table.

LEVEL OF CASHOLA REQUIRED: $79 for 2 courses, $90 for 3.

CUISINE: Modern Australian.








As mentioned above, Muse is a popular restaurant for both the locals and tourists. It has a positive response from diners online.




Imagine 11 hungry food bloggers anticipating a meal at a hyped up restaurant! Well this is exactly what happened. Thankfully for the other diners we scored the ‘private dining room’ (oh la la) where fellow diners were unable to see us snapping up the meals, insta-gramming, tweeting and of course good old facebooking! To be honest, most the time we were restrained and spent more time chatting and ‘gahhing ’ over each other’s dishes.


The lamb I had for mains was cooked as Manu would say ‘To perfection’! The slice of charred apple was a great little extra on the plate! I hadn’t had shaved horseradish in a while and forgot how potent it was! Warning, do not put a lot in your mouth at once (oops) instead eat a small amount with your lamb (like normal people – which obviously isn’t me.)


Milly Hill Lamb Rump Slowed cooked Milly Hill Lamb with celeriac, charred apples, mint, horseradish and jus


Dessert Time: To start with I must mention I did get a dose of the green eyed food monster envy against JJ who ordered the chocolate plate – it looked and tasted like heaven! For research purposed (hehe) we did take our fork round and try everyone’s dessert! I ordered the crème brulee which unfortunately a firm consistency similar to a panna cotta instead of a gooey cream. The chef made it his own by adding twirls of toffee on top to resemble the caramelised crunch you normally find encased on top. After tasting the pre-dessert (the coconut cloud) I was disappointed not to see it on the menu as I would definitely order one (or two) on my return!


Deconstructed Creme Brulee Deconstructed crème brulee, caramelized white chocolate, salted date, hazelnut, coffee & brown butter.


The dinner was part of a hunter valley weekend trip organised by the awesome vegeTARAin. Please note that this is not a sponsored post (we all paid for food and drinks). A highlight of the weekend was our breakfasts. We were spilt into 2 teams and cooked breakfast for everyone. Most people would think fruit salad, cereal and eggs! However of the course of the 2 days we saw home cold smoked salmon, home cut & cured bacon, muesli trifle, cinnamon scrolls, waffles with maple apples (yes that was me), haloumi (1 whole kilo worth!) and so much more! That’s what happens when food bloggers get creative with breakfast!


Can’t wait to do it again next year vegeTARAian, Corridor Kitchen, Cats love Cooking, Cooking Crusade, Nic Cooks, 84th & 3rd, Love Swah, Sticky and Sweet, Creamy Middles & Dining with a Stud.


Sydney Food Blogger  Hungry Sydney Food Bloggers


Winter is the best time to fill up on their coziness as it has the added bonus of the large open fire place! Muse has personality and filled with chatter and a buzz (or maybe that was us from the wine!) and doesn’t have the pretentious feeling other fine dining establishments have.



One word- Exceptional! Our waitress was also a chef who had great delight in answering questions about the meal (even what the coconut cloud was made from- yes I have googled it and to my despair there isn’t a similar recipe)



I loved the appetizer! I wished the larger version was on the menu!


Please note: This is not a sponsored post, we all paid for our drinks and food.



The food and fire place!



The coconut cloud – it tasted heavenly. The texture was something I have never tried before – creamy like ice cream though melted in your mouth like fairy floss. Oh my!



The only thing would be the crème brulee which was set more like a panna cotta.



Amuse bouche: Parmesan custard and mushrooms

Palate Cleanser: Grapefruit sorbet with baby coriander

Mains: Slowed cooked Milly Hill Lamb with celeriac, charred apples, mint, horseradish and jus

Pre-Dessert: Coconut Cloud with lime and candied violets

Dessert: Deconstructed crème brulee, caramelized white chocolate, salted date, hazelnut, coffee & brown butter.


The Extras: Amuse Bouche, Palate Cleanser &  Pre-DessertThe Extras: Amuse Bouche, Palate Cleanser &  Pre-Dessert


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