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To celebrate the newest addition to the Makers Mark family (Makers 46), I was invited to a celebratory lunch with the Man himself – Bill Samuels Jr., at Chop House, Sydney.

Bill Samuels Jr., was not what I expected. He is a quirky man who has had an amazing life which included driving the Colonel Sanders (KFC) to business meetings, a rocket scientist and working as an intern at the White House before taking over the family business.


Makers 46 

I hear your asking why is Makers Mark 46 a special blend?  It combined 3 principals during development (and crazily enough it took 6 months to come up with these 3 words)


            – Makers on Steroids

            – Long finish but not bitter


The reason for this new blend? As Bill Samuels Jr put it -“ I want to be remembered and not to be cut out  the history books before my son takes over.” I say well said.


The lunch was amazing, incorporating makers mark in every dish. Who would have ever thought that bourbon goes so well with dessert? To accompany each course was a fantastic cocktail (naturally based on bourbon). I think it would turn any non-bourbon drinkers into addicts.


To finish off this fantastic event we then got the opportunity to dip our own bottle of Makers Mark into their trademark red wax. It just so happened, my bottle was all business at the front and a party at the back – Mullet style!


Makers Mark Bourbon

The Menu:


Freshly Shucked Oysters, Makers Mark Caviar Balls

accompanied with  Fuzzy Blinker Cocktail


Scallops, Makers Mark Infused Blood Pudding

accompanied with a Bottled Aged Manhattan


Bourbon Smoked Pork Belly, BBQ Sauce & Spiced Apple Chutney

accompanied with an Invisible Milk Punch


Makers Mark Inspired Trifle Tiramisu

accompanied with Duck L’Orange Old Fashioned

Petit Four:

Bacon Brittle Brownie

To Taste:


Bourbon Inspired Menu

Makers Mark Inspired Menu


Fuzzy Blinker Cocktail


Oh my, A Fuzzy Blinker will be on my mind for a long time! I had just finished a 13 hour night shift and was a bit hesitant to start with a Makers Mark cocktail for breakfast. I’m so glad I did (*please note, this is not my ‘normal’ behaviour).  It was heavenly. I could do this on a daily basis.

I couldn’t go without knowing this recipe. It does require a soda stream bottle (and yes I have added this to my ‘To Buy’ list – hint, hint Mr FYF).


30mls Makers Mark (no substituting okay peeps)

90mls White Grapefruit Juice

15mls Raspberry Syrup


1. Fill the Soda Stream Bottle with the above ingredients

2. Add the Gas

3. Pour and serve


I did try this without the soda stream bottle and used ocean spray grapefruit juice (non-white variety)  and it was still damn tasty.

Makers Fuzzy Blinker cocktail

Fuzzy Blinker Cocktail

Photo courtesy to Simon Food Favourites

Question and Answer with Bill Samuels Jr.


1. In your opinion what’s the ideal way to drink Makers Mark? Does ice change the flavour or water dilute?

(It has been suggested that ice may change the flavour due to the drop in temperature)

The best way is the way you like it. For me it’s Maker’s Mark over ice or as a Manhattan. 

2. What was the theory of using wheat over Rye?

 The objective my father had in creating the distinctive flavour of Maker’s Mark was to do what was necessary to move the various flavours forward on the tongue, away from bitter and sour. Maker’s Mark uses Winter wheat as it has a softer flavour whereas rye has a definite sour tinge, similar to rye bread. 

3. Was there much backlash over the idea of changing the proof?

(Earlier this year, Makers Mark announced reducing alcohol content to meet the supply and demand – this caused a huge uproar from loyal drinkers)

No kidding, worst idea ever. Fortunately our customers raised so much hell that we got it turned around in six days. 

4. For the non-refined bourbon drinker what mixer would you suggest? 

Really good limestone water makes a great mixer, but not too much. Or for a Manhattan only use French Vermouth. 

5. What would you choose to be your last drink ever? 

I’m not thinking about the last one just the next one, and it would be a Maker’s 46 Manhattan over ice. 

Bill Samuels Jr 

Bill Samuels Jr.



DATE:16th August 2013

VENUE:  Chop House Sydney.

THANKS TO:  Alex from Burson- Marstellers for the opportunity to take part in the Makers 46 Lunch.



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