Mint Vietnamese Pho & Cuisine

Hold the phone- a new Vietnamese restaurant has popped up in Burwood! Im talking authentic Vietnamese! Definitely one of the best in this area but naturally it doesn’t compare to similar restuarants in Cabramatta or Fairfield.  I have been super dooper lucky to marry into a Vietnamese family so have had the opportunity to indulge in many Vientamese dishes

For a place that has only recently opened it already attracts a large crowd – so book or go early – if you don’t want to miss out.


ADDRESS: 226 Burwood Road

PHONE:  (02)97442262


OPENING:  Open 7 days, 10am to 10pm

BOOKING REQUIRED:Bookings recommended

LEVEL OF CASHOLA REQUIRED: $10- $30 per dish. Averaging $20

CUISINE: Modern Vietnamese





All seem very happy with the food, only the occasional hiccup with the service.

Inside burwoods vietnamese restaurant

Inside Mint Restaurant, Burwood




Looking at the menu, took me instantly  back to my recent trip to Vietnam;  A menu full of their amazing specialties – rice paper rolls, pho, Banh xeo, Betel leaf, grilled sugarcane and much, much more. This was going to be tough – limiting myself to only a few dishes (I wished I hadn’t eaten lunch!). After much deliberation and lots of umming and arring we finally ordered.


To start the night off we chose betel leaf grilled with beef and pork filling. These little gems were smaller than usual though still super tasty! We were also served with rice paper and filling to make our own rice paper rolls with the beef wrapped in leaf. As you can imagine- these didn’t last long.

Beef wrapped in bentel leaf rice paper rolls 

Beef wrapped in Betel Leaf


The crispy Vietnamese pancake, also known to many as Banh xeo was my favourite dish when visiting Vietnam especially the ones made in Hoi An. Hence I was not expecting the filling to be so coarsely chopped as this was but it was still very tasty. The only negative part was the pancake which I found to be too oily.

Banh xeo known as Vietnamese pancake 

Banh Xeo (Crispy Coconut Pancake)


The first main course to come was the Lemongrass Beef. The size was impressive with oodles of beef – very good value for the dollars spent. The flavours were balanced and I now can’t wait to order it again.

Lemongrass Beef Lemongrass Beef Stirfry


To ensure an honest review I ordered a piping hot bowl of Beef Wagu Pho. The broth was clear and included a complex taste of herbs and spices. The meat (as normal) was put in at the last moment (so not over- cooked). It was delicious and I can’t wait until winter when it becomes part of my everyday 5 food groups!

Wagu Beef Pho or beef noodle soup Wagu Beef Pho (Beef Noodle Soup)



A trendy little restaurant with a constant buzz



The restaurant was flat chat and the staff I found, still managed to keep up with orders and service.



The Beef Pho!



Not having to go west for some good Vietnamese food



Crispy Vietnamese pancake- the filling wasn’t cut up finely and way too oily



Betel leaf grilled with beef and pork filling $12

Crispy Vietnamese pancakes with pork, prawn & beans $15

Lemongrass beef with rice $11

MINT signature Pho with Wagu $19.50


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