Jamie’s Italian

107 Pitt St, Sydney

(02) 8240 9000


Mon- Sat. 1130 till Late.

No bookings unless party is greater than 6.

Italian Cuisine


After 1 month anticipated wait, the doors are finally open!

The wait was definitely worth it, even if Jamie himself wasn’t the head chef!





Fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for. Good quality Italian food at reasonable prices.






So far the reviews have been great, although limited because due to only been open for just over a week.

For a restaurant behind a big name, the publicity has been somewhat limited, but after tasting the food, I’m pretty sure the power of the gab will make this restaurant into something big.  The goal of the restaurant is to have good quality food and furnishing and low prices.

I was expecting that there would be a wait (seeing it was 7:15pm), and we were given a buzzer and informed it would work as far the Grand Hotel and Angel Hotel (Merivale would be happy about this free advertisement). We only just finished a drink at the Grand before the buzzer went off and thank goodness it doesn’t have the high pitch sequel most other buzzer system have! (a bonus point added)



The menu was a made up into 5 sections; bread and nibblies, antipasti, pasta, mains, sides and desserts. I decided as a foodie, I should try at least one from each (tough gig!). The waitress had an extensive knowledge of the food when we asked her a few questions (attempting to narrow down the options). The waitress explained that she undertook a 2 weeks of training to be part of ‘Jamie’s Crew’! No wonder she knew every details about the dishes served :)




First served were the green olives on ice (with a black olive tapenade). The olives were delish and ripe and tasted even better because they were cold. The black olive tapenade had a slight ‘nachos taste to it’ but was lovely with the crispy thin bread ($6.0).



We were very happy that the selection of bread were complimentary to the diners, and what was even better was selection of bread that was included;  homemade rosemary focaccia, Artisan sourdough, ciabatta, tortano and cripsy carta di musica. The bread had some pesto drizzled over and was served with aged balsamic vinegar and oil. Warning to all restaurant goers- don’t fill up on the amazing bread selection- the dishes will fill any hungry caterpillar.

To follow we had a veggie antipasti plank, and for once, the vegetable still had their crunch :) The only thing that had my head in a spin was the chilli jam on the cheese. Wasn’t too sure about this combo and personally i don’t think it worked very well.

To the Good bit- the mains!!! I couldn’t say no to the risotto with truffle. I was a little worried about having risotto as it needs to be eaten as soon as it is made, but to my surprise it tasted amazing! Just needed some fresh herbs to cut through the creaminess (and of course more truffle!)

The steak was cooked perfectly, and seasoned well, and to no surprise has a drizzle of olive oil (as it is Jamies menu)




To finish (not that we had any room left in our stomach’s) was the gelato! The apple tasted like eating a frozen green apple although the rhubarb was a little disappointing. An affogato (with a coconut gelato) was the finale finish, coffee wasn’t bad (for a restaurant), but it was a refreshing finale.

Overall, a good night with great quality food. Would I go there again? Definitely!



THE LOCALE, DECOR AND VIBE: The restaurant is located where Industrie Bar used to be, and set up over 2 levels which seats 200 people. There is an open kitchen at the back and pasta machine in front. It can be a little noisy at times, with many after work patron winding down from the day.


 LETS TALK PEOPLE POWER: Attracts a business crowd, and could be a fantastic venue for friends or even a first date (the background noise helps with those awkward moments)


NOM NOM NOM: The risotto with truffle


WOULD I TAKE THE CHEF HOME (IF POLYGAMY WAS LEAGAL?): Executive Chef Dave Clarke (originally from Chophouse- Sydney), will definitely become an up and rising star in the few years providing he keep up the fab work (or until he is featured on masterchef!)


WOW Factor: the quality of food and the prices


FROWN Factor: some of the gelato flavors could be tweaked.


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