Flick Your Food.

A passionate foodie who lives to eat.


 Flick Your Food is a blog for those obsessed with food all the way down to their
tippy toes. It features original recipes or improved versions of the classics. If
cooking is not your thing, but eating is, this is a place where I share my thoughts on restaurants I have
had the opportunity to visit.

Felicity McLaren
Aka Flick

Phone: 0423810891
Mail: 201 Georges River Road, Croydon Park, NSW, 2133

July (31 Days)
Visits- 10,100
Unique- 7600
Pages per Visit- 4
New Visitors- 72%

Worldwide Web ranking- 2 500 000

Australia Ranking- n/a


Target Audience:
Flick your food appeals to a large age group, from 16 to 70. The
majority of persons viewing are from Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada.
Any person who has access to a computer and likes to read reviews on restaurants
before choosing. Flick your Food also targets those readers who like to utilize
search engines to find recipes.


Social Media + Follower Count:
This year Flick Your Food aims to increase awareness through social media.
Currently follower counts:
RSS Feed- 2900
Email Subscribers-
Twitter (@flickyourfood)- 350
Facebook (Flick Your Food)- 150
Instragram (Flick_your_food)- 200


Promotional Opportunity:
Flick your food is happy to promote products on her blog providing the product has
been personally tested and is in line with current content published (Food and
Restaurants). However if the product would generate an average/poor review, a copy
of the draft will be sent to PR for acceptance or rejection on blog. Flick your
food will only write a honest review. All products/restaurants published will have
a personal disclaimer on the bottom of the post (not negotiable).
Flick your Food does not accept money or guest posting.
Please feel free to contact me with product ideas

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